p/s : Broken English..hihi

At a late night, sitting near my desk.
Actually, i just finished my revision for today class.


Today, I would like to share about this morning class in Professional English 2 with Sir Maswan.
Today, we had to prepare the presentation that has long been abandoned.
It is about 2 weeks. huhu.
The other classes  is already finished all the presentation but not us.


For the task that has been given by lecturer.
We have to interview one of alumni of UniKL and now he/she successful in their passion.
For a week, we have to wait for the list name from the Head of Alumni Group. Once, the Head of Alumni Group gave the list, we had big problem with that list given.

Then, we find another solution.
I have known one of senior from my earliest college and also an alumni of UniKL and now has work as Software Engineer.
Alhamdulillah, Allah the Greatest and the place we were pray.


Today is the day.
Today is the presentation day.

and Alhamdulillah..
Our lecturer complimented our group as a BEST presenter.

I would like to share the tips/advices from him.
  • Be passionate in whatever we involve with
  • Enjoy and feel the excitement of our job
  • Always motivate yourself
  • Must have the technical skill of any passion you choose
  • Do not be a passive worker
  • Do not forget to smile
  • The most effective strategies are go and get certificated in specific skill
  • it is all about skill and experience.

Last but not least..

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what are you doing, you will be successful"
-Herman Cain-

Thats All.

~Little Mashitah~
Rumah sewa

Project PE2

Professional English 2.

Project untuk subjek ni, kitorang kena interview seorang Alumni UniKL yang telah berjaya atau sedang bekerja.

Kena buat Cover Magazine tentang diri alumni ni.


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