The most beautiful girl...

NO,she's not Diana Hayden nor is Sushmita Sen,not even Aisywarya Rai,who is this girl then?
No she does not flash her legs nor walk down the aisle semi rude.
For her such things are unthinkable sacrilegious and downright rude.
Miss World,Miss Universe,Miss"Anything".She is not aspire to be.
The shuns all kinds of publicity in privacy she would rather be.
Never in a swimming costume will she for a camera pose.
Yes,she's the'girl in hijaab' more beautiful than a rose.
Those who's 'stripped' of modesty will'strip' for any cause
Whether on alonely beach or in front of a full house.
In their naked greed they dance in pursuit of earth's glory
is there a thing more vulgar than a women devoid of modesty?
In the name of freedom all moral values are now define
Vularity nudism,nakednessare steps to fame that wind.
Those who are of rotten minds call it freedom of"female"species
Yet,they exploit them a plenty,whenever and wherever they please.
But,for their terrible transgressions maybe they are not fully to vlame,
The muslims forgot their duty and let them live in shame
Incumbent upon the muslims it was to promote good and stop all vice
If they had done their duty sudh situations wouldn't arise...

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